BETASTIC is an EDM project by the producers Justin Schütz & Michael Vossler. Booming basses and simple yet catchy melodies underline BETASTIC’s songs,
which have also been released on Soave, LoudKult & Future House Cloud.
Different radio stations have also played BETASTICs music, which has found approval in russia, as well, and is still being played until today.

By having a similar passion for music, both musicians have decided to establish BETASTIC and to enrich the music industry.
Started as a solo project, the single Monster was the first single which they produced and released together as BETASTIC.

Following with many singles and EPs, the single Monster and every other single by BETASTIC gained more and more attention with over 10 Million streams.

For 2022 many new singles and collaborations are ready to be released.

Booking: booking@cntpdrecords.com
Contact: info@betasticmusic.com